We are so delighted by the whole experience of our build that we have nothing but praise and thanks for the Coopers Design and Build team. As a whole they were both friendly and professional. We felt in very, very capable hands from the offset and they more than lived up to our expectations. They were very respectful of our home and our space and did all they could to make the building process pain-free. We have two autistic children and were very nervous of the upheaval but Dave and his team looked after us every step of the way and we can honestly say we barely felt the upheaval. We had a washing machine and a sink plumbed in for the whole time they were building and a dish washer for all but 2 weeks of our 5 month project. Considering we had a kitchen extension (with new kitchen) this was fantastic. The team were friendly and nothing was too much trouble (they even helped us out with other things around the house (blocked loo, faulty lights etc.). They were particularly clean, making sure that every night the build area was clean and tidy. Dave has a military back ground which comes across loud and clear in his ‘Can Do’ attitude, his attention to detail and his high standards of cleanliness.

Dave promised us his quote would remain fixed and he stood true to his word – down to the last pound. They took care of all the things that ‘crop up’ in a build and managed the whole build for us from start to finish. He told us from the outset he would look after us and he absolutely did.

We feel very much we had a service second to none. David and his team took care of all the whole project, leaving us with nothing to worry about – just able to enjoy the transformation of our home. He was always on the end of a phone and nothing was too much trouble. The design advice we received was invaluable, from colour schemes, to flooring options, to lighting solutions and kitchen materials etc. We had help with all our choices at every step of the way (we were even taken kitchen and bathroom shopping by the designer to ensure we chose the right products and specifications for us, whilst having direct access to Coopers product and design expertise). Consequently, we now have a house and a beautiful new space we completely love. We would go as far as to say we felt a bit sad when they left. It had been such a positive experience that we were sorry to see them go – though of course over the moon with the finished product.

In terms of the build itself, we are delighted. The attention to detail and product expertise we received has completely transformed our home. Coopers Design and Build take real pride in each job and we feel we have benefitted massively from the wonderful service and beautiful new space they provided.

Clare and Robert Raine. New Extension in Surrey

We have used Coopers Design & Build twice within the last year – the first time was for a 4m single storey rear extension which began at the end of August 2014 and was completed by the end of October as programmed. We were so impressed with the quality of work and standard of finish that we asked Coopers to do a garage conversion for us this year starting in June and finished in September.

Their quotation was broken down into a complete bill of quantities with all elements individually priced. This does make it easy if you want to vary the works in any way by either adding or reducing certain items. Obviously the more detail you provide in terms of the drawings and specification then the less chance there is of anything changing. Coopers were certainly very open and happy to discuss the price in terms of what is and what isn’t included.

William, Rear Extension & Garage Conversion in Surrey

This is a short note of appreciation and thanks to Coopers Design & Build for my new bathroom which is both opulent and elegant. I am delighted with it.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team throughout the small project, from the initial assessment and accurate estimates of work involved, timescale and cost. It was great to have my ideas translated so easily into actual plans, with useful suggestions added. Also, it was extremely helpful to have had all the related aspects of the work – sorting out painting and re-carpeting of the adjoining bedroom and the final cleanup incorporated.

Your team worked hard and tidily, always pleasant and respectful. I would be more than happy to recommend your company for any similar building projects.

Deborah Ivory, New Ensuite Bathroom

From the outset we found Dave easy to work with and the way he went about things was very transparent and easy for us to understand. He set expectations early that whilst his may not be the cheapest quote that it would be the most comprehensive. We found this to be true and it made budgeting for our extension much easier than we anticipated. We knew where we were with our budget all the way through the build and could therefore add or take things away to suit the budget we had available. The schedule of works he provided us with was also very detailed and we found it to be realistic and representative of the work carried out – this was very important to us given the impending arrival of a baby towards the end of the build. Whenever anything cropped up that that needed our attention Dave talked us through it, and advised on our available options, to ensure we were fully aware if everything that was happening and able to make timely and informed decisions whenever necessary. If we were not available on site during the day then Dave made himself available during evenings and at weekends to see us, and was available by phone at all times. We had utmost faith in Dave and felt in control at all times.

The faith we had in Dave also extended to his team. Dave chooses his tradesmen very carefully to ensure that they meet his high standards and expectations. We found everyone on his team to be courteous, clean and tidy, and the quality of the work they undertook was of the highest quality. It is very obvious that Dave’s team all care greatly about the work they do – possibly demonstrated to us most tangibly when I saw them hoovering our grass after the demolition phase was complete to ensure that our 2 year old didn’t hurt herself on a stray piece of debris if she went outside. There were also occasions when Dave and his team stayed on in to the evening or worked at weekends to ensure that our build was delivered on schedule, showing the integrity of the team and their commitment to doing the best possible job.

The quality of the build was exceptional, with every detail thought through and delivered to a high quality. Although Dave’s quote was not the cheapest we received we really felt we got value for money, both with the quality of the work carried out, and the fact that Dave was more than happy for us to use his trade discount wherever available to save money on the products we chose.

We would recommend Dave and his team to any of our friends planning building works in the area, and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for our own purposes.

Kind regards -Kat and Billy

I think it’s rare these days, after a lengthy build, for people to have a good word to say about the builders who’ve been in their home for months. This is absolutely not the case with Coopers Design and Build. My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend them and indeed have done so on a number of occasions.

David Cooper’s energy, enthusiasm and expertise is fantastic and he sets the tone for the people who work for him and indeed the build itself. Right from the initial consultation, David’s commitment to the project is clear, he has a good eye for design and can help take your initial ideas into a good, workable plan, while always keeping in mind that there is a budget to be adhered to.

His small team of builders are punctual, polite, friendly and very good at their jobs. The team care about the details, which in my experience is rare amongst builders. This ensures that the build is completed on time and to a very high standard of finish.

We were delighted with the whole experience we had with Coopers whilst they rebuilt our whole kitchen-dining area and have no doubt that if you are fortunate enough to employ them for your project, you will be too.

Sincerely yours Simon Mattacks

David is an excellent project manager. He is thorough in his preliminary work and takes care to understand his client’s wishes and ensure these are transformed into reality. He explains all complex decisions well, for example about steels, supports, joists, so that you understand what needs to happen and why. He is also very positive and is a pleasure to interact with, as nothing is ever too much trouble. Furthermore, all key dates were known well in advance, for example when we were to be without heating and power, and because these dates were stuck to, it made planning our lives very simple. Overall, the build was completed within the time frame originally agreed.

Financially, he prepared a detailed estimate, which I am pleased to say was also an accurate estimate. There have been no hidden charges and no surprises. David was honest in all his financial dealings with us and made sure we could take advantage of any possible savings available. It has been a pleasure when asked about our build, to say we came in on budget, and this is thanks to David.

As, I said earlier we have 2 small children. Living on site could have been a nightmare, but David and his team are meticulous in their site management. The site was cleaned every evening before the team left, this even included hoovering concrete! They ensured that no dangerous objects were left around for small hands to find. Even when open to the elements, the site was organised so that the building work was contained and did not spread over the whole house and garden. At all times, they ensured we had adequate living areas.

With regard to the attitude of the staff, David’s staff have been a pleasure to have in our home. They are friendly, considerate and kind: always making cups of tea for me and my guests! As a result it has not felt like our home has been invaded by strangers.

Finally, I can testify to the high standard of the building work. It is excellent. He has transformed a very ugly house into a beautiful home, which I know my family will enjoy for many years to come. In fact I very much wish we could afford to renovate the upstairs now! But hopefully in a few years we will be able to welcome David and his team back.

To conclude, I have recommended Coopers Design and Build to my friends and family, and I will continue to recommend them. If you would like to undertake a project and do so with minimal stress and a fabulous end result then they are the best team for the job.

Tara Harman